Muslim Parenting Course

Learn how building resilience in children to face
modern day challenges starts from the home.

Modern day parenting is challenging.

Parents are the mirrors for their children, and it is from this mirror that they learn their self-respect, self-worth and self-love.  At times parents project their own insecurities, guilt and shame on their children making them shame based children.

Learn practical tools required to help raise and build healthy and resilient children to face modern day challenges such as bullying, self-harm, aggression, negative social media, drugs and alcohol.

What is covered?

Parenting Styles

Discover your parenting style and its impact.

Digital Age

Let's face it, we are in the Digital age and so are our children.

Breaking Past Cycles

Are you raising your children the way you were raised?

Prophetic Advise

Learn Prophetic and traditional advise on parenting.


Learn what a healthy household should look like?

Solution Focused Sessions

Any personal issues identified in the workshop can be resolved in the private Solution Focused Sessions.​

Did you know listening is one of the
greatest gift you can give a child?

This is perhaps one of the greatest gift we can give a child. It demonstrates the love and respect you have for them and teaches them from the earliest stages that what they say and think is important to you. It also teaches them to behave towards others in the same way. This helps create a confident child who is valued and values others.

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