Seeking Connection

A 4-Part Course | Coming Soon

Learn how to utilise time to rediscover yourself by navigating through your thought processes to reconnect to your soul, empowering you to overcome the emotions and loss of control in difficult times. The course has been broken down into 4 parts to help you to digest and implement each area being covered. 

What is covered?

Managing Anxiety

Address fears and discover all the things you have control over.

Remaining Positive

Learn how to remain positive in difficult times.

Thought Processes

Understand where your thoughts have come from and how to manage the negative ones

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." — Viktor Frankl

An empowering course to challenge and change your mindset

Part 1: Qadr and Control

  • Accepting the Qadr of Allah and understanding where I need to let go of control. 
  • Discovering where my control lies in the Qadr of Allah.

Part 2: Journey Through Thoughts

  • Where do my thoughts come from?
  • Do I have control over the negative thoughts?
  • How can I think positively?
  • Based on teachings from renouned Muslim Philosophers and Physicians such as Imam Al Ghazali, Ibn Sina and Abu Zayd al Balkhi.

Part 3: Positivity In Testing Times

  • How to remain positive in difficult times.
  • Keeping my cup full without loosing self-control.
  • How to keep motivated.

Part 4: Reconnecting To The Soul

  • Learning to wind down.
  • Finding comfort in isolation.
  • Connecting to fitra.
  • How to contemplate.

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