About Samina

Who I am and what I do

I am a Person-Centred Muslim Counsellor providing a holistic approach in all areas of my services not only for the issues you have presented with but looking at you as a whole.  I take into consideration your childhood, your family dynamics, your previous traumas, your gender, your health, your current situation and your spiritual state.  

Most of this is explored in the initial consultation where I will then discuss with you about the kind of therapies I can offer you and together we choose some realistic and achievable goals. This is where your journey of healing begins with me.  I will inform you in the consultation if I feel that my services are not appropriate for your requirements and I will try my best to signpost you to what may be a more suitable service for you.

Samina Ali

I am a registered member of The National Counselling Society and adhere to their ethical framework for good practice. Ethical practice is crucial in therapy and strictly important to me as I believe it keeps the client and myself safe. I am also fully insured in all my services.

My services are currently provided from High Wycombe as well as telephone and Skype.

Islamic Approaches to
Psychology and Psychotherapy

To enhance my therapy, I have completed Part 1 and 2 in ‘Islamic Approaches to Psychology and Psychotherapy’ at Cambridge Muslim College.  This has provided me with the insight and tools to approach my sessions from an Islamic paradigm for my Muslim clients to be able to explore the client’s spiritual state.   I am always pursuing as a  student of Islamic knowledge which is beneficial for my practice.

Blue Mandala

Workshops that I have delivered

I have delivered workshops in Marriage, Bereavement, Muslim Parenting, Mental Well-being, Confidence and Self-Esteem. I have also delivered group sessions with youth on Personal Developments covering topics such as Student/Teacher Relationship, Identity, Self-esteem,  Social Media, Mental Well-being, Peer Pressure and Parents.  My areas of speciality for workshops are in Parenting and Marriage.

In December 2019 as part of Traditional Halaqa, I designed and delivered daily lessons for the Navigating Youth-Hood Programme.  The topics covered were, Who am I, Peer Pressure, Social Media, Respecting Parents, Is it just a bad day or  is it really mental health.

My first published book, Pearls Within

I published my first book in October 2014 called Pearls Within. After studying counselling as a British Asian, I discovered a gap in the understanding of psychological issues within a cross cultural society.  The book provides you with an insight to how the experiences in the childhood created by the significant adults in the parental and guardian position contribute to how the child’s belief system of the world is formed.  This later impacts the decisions, responses and reactions this child will have in his life as an adult to situations and challenges. 

Other projects I'm working on

Libaas MatchMaking

I am working with Libaas Matchmaking co-delivering a marriage course which is an essential part of the service they offer.

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Wycombe Mosque

I am an ongoing student of knowledge as well as a teacher delivering Islamic Studies for the Youth.