Marriage Counselling

What is Marriage Counselling?

Couple counselling can help in increasing your understanding of underlying problems as well as more obvious difficulties between you and your partner. The counselling part of the therapy will deal with the immediate problems in the relationship whilst the Psychotherapy will aid in the more deep rooted issues effecting your current relationship.

At first it may seem daunting as you may fear being judged or told that it may be you at fault in this marriage .  It is actually far from it and couples relax within the first session as they see that this is a safe and a non judgemental platform for them to air their issues and concerns and to work towards solutions.  They also very quickly realise that nothing can get too heated in a session as the therapist knows when to intervene and bring them back to a safe space.  The sessions are never to put anyone at fault but rather to create an understanding on what both may be experiencing in this marriage and to translate that to the other as well as to be able to safety explore each others perceptions in the presence of the therapist guidance.  This usually brings a great insight to each others experiences and opens doors for harmony. 

Couple counselling is only possible if both partners are present in sessions.  At times I may see you individually to manage individual issues.


Consultation (up to 90 minutes) – £110

Counselling Session (60 minutes) – £70

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Psychotherapeutic Counselling is a practice that aims to achieve healing and recovery
from anxiety, depression, stress, bereavement, loss and PTSD.