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Welcome to an exciting journey into marriage.

A lifestyle course intended to provide you with the multifaceted truths about marriage and designed to equip you with the essential skills needed for a modern-day marital relationship. 

The course is broken down into sections, so you can easily navigate each significant topic. By the end of the course, you should feel prepared for the search of your other half in pursuit of a healthy and successful marriage.

*This is not a Fiqh course

Who's this course for

About the course

What is covered?

Defining your understanding

Have you really thought about what marriage is? What it may mean to you?

What skills to bring

Do you know which skills a successful marriage requires? Do you have these skills?

Your basis of selecting a spouse

What have you based your spouse selection criteria on and why? Why are these criteria’s important to you?


Do you know where you are compatible in and how you will manage the incompatibilities?

In-laws and family

As long as we are good together no one else matters' this is a common statement. Are you ready to be challenged on this?

Managing conflict

Disputes are a part of every healthy marriage. Managing conflicts in a healthy way is the key to a successful marriage.

Why divorce happens

Learn how couples psychologically 'check out' of marriages long before the divorce takes place.

The Sound Relationship House

Do you know what structures are needed for a Sound Relationship House?

Solution Focused Sessions

Any personal issues identified in the workshop can be resolved in the private Solution Focused Sessions.

Attendee Testimonials

From our past Webinars (100+ Attendees)

Me and my fiancé booked onto one of the webinars and found it useful and it gave us lots to discuss afterwards about things we hadn’t thought about. Samina is really engaging and delivered the course really well.


Tasleemah B

The workshop really challenged me to think out of the box and I identified the areas which I need to change. Following the course, I booked some solution focused sessions to help with some specific areas that I identified that needed managing. Samina helped me by exploring together all my options and which ones were achievable and together we planned steps for me to achieve these


Abdullah A

I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to get married because I thought I knew what I was looking for, but this course made me realise that what I was looking for wasn’t even suitable in my situation. I came out at the end of the course with new, realistic and more suitable criteria for my search


Sahrish M

This course was a real eye opener and made me think of things I would have never thought about before


Bilal S

Webinar was insightful and helpful. Glad to have been a part of it and to have gained knowledge on the subject. Would definitely recommend to others. Great learning opportunity and experience.


Maryiam H