Spring Clean

Finally that time to sit back at the end of a busy hectic day in my pj’s with a warm cuppa chai, ready to unwind. 

Love this moment when everything around is silent apart from the noise of the cars on my street which are just about fading too now as people are making their way back home. 


Maybe a few neighbours walking to the local shop buying little essentials like bread and milk. Not forgetting the other noise, the constant natter. I mean that just never ends. 

Hold on, what noise, what natter? And why is the noise getting louder and louder as I have chosen to mention it. Surely this is not just today; surely I hear this every day. 


I guess I just adjust to it and fall asleep but today it’s alarming! What is that noise? I know it’s not outside. It’s defiantly not coming from inside the house; in a matter of fact it’s not even physical noise – so what is it?

No way! That is noise coming from my head… Saying ‘he said‘, ‘she said‘, ‘he did‘ ‘She did‘ ‘They did‘ ‘Why me…?‘, ‘how dare they…?


How many times are we faced with the above scenario? The noise is a representation of suppressed thoughts that have not been heard and dealt with. The ones we cannot face up to or do not want to deal with or maybe do not know how to deal with. 


So we choose to shut the door on them and leave them lurking not knowing that one day they will come back and bite us. Remember they are locked in your mind – so how far did you think they were from you anyway. Let’s open the door, give them some fresh air; they need to be looked at with fresh eyes, listened to with fresh ears. 


Maybe you have moved on but they have been shut away in their original form with no love and attention given and no direction to where they need to go. Some are old and obsolete; some require action; some need a change of mind set and some need attention. 


Talk to each one of them; they are a part of you or were a part of you. They cannot leave you until you have given them permission. The direction giver is you. Deal with each and every one of them and then give them their direction so you can get back to your cuppa chai in peace.


Don’t clutter your mind – don’t be a hoarder – have a regular spring clean to lead a toxic free lifestyle.

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