Thank You 2020

2020 has been a testing year for everyone in unexpected ways.

There has been a tremendous amount of unpredictability, an enormous amount of uncertainty, and endless amounts of adaptions to the new normal. We could just dismiss it to the back of our mind and never look back.

On the other hand, we can choose to capture this year in our heart, mind, and soul as the catalyst that helped transform us. A year that came as a teacher with its wisdom and the choice was ours if we paid attention to what it came to teach us.

It firmly taught us that undeniably we have the capacity to stretch further than we expected of ourselves, out of our comfort zones, adapting to situations beyond our imaginations.

It gently taught us patience to endure circumstances that were not planned and patience in accepting the plans that could not progress. Patience to be with ourselves alone, facing what came up for us, in confined spaces with loved ones that we barely spend time with.

It lovingly taught us connection to our authentic selves that was previously masked with our busyness and titles we adorn ourselves with to disconnect from what lies in the oceans within us that we hide so well. Connection to nature cultivating grounding in us to divine creation that we usually rarely acknowledge.

It gradually taught us to let go of control and to admit the truth of how little control we have over situations and the only control we do have is our response to them; forcing us to accept the ultimate power is beyond us.

It warmly taught us gratitude every day for what we had, what we have, and what we want by an appreciation for the countless blessings that we are in possession of, which we carelessly take for granted. 

2020… You were a teacher, sent from Allah to remind us who we are in comparison to WHO HE IS.

A warm welcome to 2021 Happy New Year.

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Thank You 2020

A year that came as a teacher with its wisdoms and the choice was ours if we paid attention to what it came to teach us.


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